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Custom making and designing motorcycles is what we do on an order basis at RHC
Reza Hussain

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Are you confused about what suits you the best? Our experts will guide you through all your transformation requirements.


We get you the most aesthetic add ons for your bikes. Each spare is handpicked and tailored specially for you.


Choppers, Bobbers, Cafe racers, Cruisers, Street naked racers. What’s your ride?


Promote a brand or promote a cause. There is no better way to do it than putting it on WHEELS.

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About Us

The purpose of a motorcycle is not just to get you from point A to B, it is to get you there with PANACHE. We are a dedicated team of “artists” who will transform your mode of travel into a work of art and make sure it reflects you, making you and your bike ONE.

With millions of people riding the same type of wheels, we at RHC will take you to the topmost level by making you and your machine unique in every sense possible.

Each of our builds is a one-off piece, we guarantee that your bike will look like no other on the road. We build from scratch, making custom parts and even importing parts to the client’s specifications.

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